Mealor, Paul: Selections From A Tender Light kóruskotta

A Tender Light is a collection of new choral music by the Welsh composer Paul Mealor, including the Ubi caritas, made famous by its inclusion in the Royal Wedding Ceremony of Prince William and Catherine Middleton at WestminsterAbbey in April 2011. 2.5 billion people (the largest audience in broadcasting history) heard his Motet on that day and since then it has topped the Classical singles charts in the USA, UK, Australia, France and New Zealand and hasalready entered the standard repertoire for many choirs. For singers wanting to explore further the music of Mealor, this book also contains the luminous She Walks in Beauty, the contemplative O vos omnes and the madrigal sequenceNow Sleeps the Crimson Petal. Locus iste and Ave Maria are modern yet timeless settings of well-known texts. This is a must-have collection for any mixed voice choir wanting to explore the latest and best in choral repertoire.

7,450 Ft

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A Mealor, Paul: Selections From A Tender Light kóruskotta jellemzői


  • Hangszer/letét: Kórus – Vegyeskar és kíséret
  • Korszak: Kortárs
  • Terjedelem: 80 oldal
  • Kiadó: Novello & Co Ltd.
  • Cikkszám: NOV200926
  • ISMN: 9781780384429
  • Kiadás éve: 2011
  • Stílus: 1901 előtti
  • Tartalom: 1. No. I: Now sleeps the crimson petal
    2. No. II: Lady, when I behold the roses sprouting
    3. No. III: Upon a bank with roses
    4. No. IV: A Spotless Rose
    5. She Walks In Beauty
    6. O Vos Omnes
    7. Locus Iste
    8. Ave maria
    9. Ubi caritas